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9 October 2020

Sanitation & Hygiene for a New Swachh Bharat


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9 October 2020

Astute Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd offers end to end Home Sanitization & Disinfection Services

The services aim to sterilize customer's homes, thereby preventing the risk of COVID-19 infection indoors

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19 May 2020

We are hiring: Account Manager and Assistant HR Manager

The job vacancies are at the Okhla office of Astute Outsourcing Service in New Delhi.

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14 May 2020

Video: Astute’s Sanitization service at an office in Delhi

Astute Outsourcing Services, a specialist company in health and wellbeing services in India, launched Sanitization & Disinfection Services in Delhi & NCR.

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12 May 2020

Importance of sanitization in the fight against COVID-19

The world is working overtime for a vaccine to tackle the menace of COVID-19 but there are steps an individual should take to control the spread of virus

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11 May 2020

Why it is important to go for Sanitization & Disinfection Services during COVID-19 pandemic?

Safely managed water, sanitation, and hygiene services are an essential part of preventing and protecting human health

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7 May 2020

Astute Care Launches Poly Sanitization & Disinfection Services

OnTime launched the new services covering Home, Workplace, Commercial Spaces and Industrial Sanitization.

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9 March 2020

Celebrations mark International Women’s Day

People around the world marked the International Women's Day on March 9, Sunday.

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28 February 2020

OnTime: An effective way to approach home cleaning

The introduction of OnTime services in New Delhi and Kochi has helped many busy office-goers handle cleaning at their residences in an effective and professional way

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24 January 2020

People analytics future of HR in India: LinkedIn

As high as 92 per cent talent professionals in India consider People Analytics to pave the way for the future of HR and recruiting.

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21 January 2020

Data science jobs in India to increase to 1.5 lakhs

Data science jobs in India is expected to see 1.5 lakh new openings in 2020, which is an increase of about 62% as compared to 2019.

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20 January 2020

Online hiring in India up 15 per cent: Report

Online hiring in India grew by 15 percent in November 2019 when compared with the same period last year, according to a report.

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18 January 2020

STEM jobs in India increase 44%: Report

Job postings related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in India have increased by 44% in the past three years.

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17 January 2020

Indian private sector firms to create 700,000 jobs

Private sector firms in India are likely to create 700,000 jobs in 2020, according to an Employment Trend Survey.

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