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By Astute 9 October 2020

Astute Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd offers end to end Home Sanitization & Disinfection Services

05, October, 2020: Owing to the current situation of the pandemic, the need for indoor sanitizing has become a priority, and Astute Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd (AOSPL), a specialist in health and wellbeing services in India, is offering the much-needed sanitization and disinfection, using natural products, service to help its customers combat the threat of virus or any other Communicable disease. While AOSPL, a part of Chaque Jour Group (CJG) since 1998 has been providing these services for over five years, the sudden awareness of the need for sanitization is in sync with the brand’s endeavors in sensitizing citizens about hygiene and cleanliness.

The sudden outbreak of the pandemic and the fact that the COVID-19 is known to travel through the air and contaminated surfaces has made the necessity to upscale the hygiene mandate at large. Besides, several reports link indoors to a faster spread and higher risk of contracting the disease. As a result, there is increased demand for indoor sanitization as people are concerned about their safety and of their loved ones. But, when it comes to securing the home from harmful bacteria and viruses, the global health emergency necessitates a professional intervention; something that regular cleaning cannot suffice.

With their gamut of services ranging from deep cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing-Residential, Industrial and Car cleaning among several others, Astute Outsourcing Services’ Pvt Limited team uses specialized equipment that can effectively and professionally decontaminate industrial sites, homes, or commercial complexes making their services convenient and effective. The company has received enquiries for residential and commercial complexes since the month of April this year. Giants like Christian Louboutin, SpiceJet among many others have availed their services to more than satisfactory results. The services are currently available in Delhi & NCR and Kochi.

The company has a long track record of providing sanitization and disinfection services to customers all across the country. With a highly trained team, Astute Outsourcing Services can provide effective sanitization and disinfection wherever the customer needs it, be it home, workplace, commercial or industrial space. Their sanitization personnel use protective masks and gears to ensure the highest degree of precautions while disinfecting the area.

Sharing his view, Captain Shaji Kumar, Chairman Managing Director, of AOSPL said, ‘Although we all know how important indoor hygiene is, we cannot completely sanitize our homes in the absence of proper equipment. Moreover, one cannot take a risk when it comes to protecting the health of our families by letting someone without proper protective gear enter our house.’

‘Our highly skilled team does the decontamination part for you. We have top-of-the-line equipment to ensure world-class sanitizing and disinfecting services wherever our customers need it. We hope that our services will help curb the indoor spread of the virus, thereby instilling a sense of relief among families,’ he added.


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