On Demand Residential Conceirge Services

This is a very nascent market and is poised for instantaneous growth in the B2C business model. With the change in the socio-economic scenario in the Country especially in the Metros where the nuclear family model taking precedence (and the slow extinction of the Joint Family model) and more than 70% of couples where both the Husband and Wife have full time careers have created a “demand” for efficient and effective residential Concierge Services.

The On-Demand Home Services Industry has been growing at a fast pace over the past few years, this Industry mostly consists of app based home service providers who can provide any kind of solutions to home related grievances such as Car Dry Cleaning, House Deep Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Interior Painting, Electrician Support, Plumbing Support, Handyman Services, maintenance of the air conditioners, Pest Control etc.

Deep House Cleaning Services: Our tailor-made cleaning services are designed to disinfect the whole area of your home. Through these services, we ensure that you find your home or place in the utter clean state. On top of that, we give utmost importance to cleaning those areas which remain out of reach due to their complex location, crevices, cracks, top of wardrobes and furniture. The said service also includes cleaning the kitchen, washroom, balcony, disinfecting the showers, tiles, etc. We promise that after our services you will find your home or place in the neat and clean state which is safe and hygienic to live in.

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